Comfortable, vibrant, eye catching and flattering designs on performance wear products that are moisture wicking, quick drying, hold shape, do not fade, and are easy to wash and pack. Made for active customers who want to be comfortable, look good and express their individuality.  That’s A Circus of Light. 

Our designs feature exclusively owned photographs, taken by our designer and applied to clothing as well as original graphic designs.   

Our goal is not only for our customers to look their best, but also, for them to feel great when wearing our gear.  We aim to inspire confidence and bring a little pep to your step when you suit up in ACOL.

We offer a limited number of each design per size. Generally the limits are 3 products per size. Once a size is sold out, it is sold out.  Our designer retires patterns every few months. Why? We want your clothing to be specially identifiable to you.

Once a design is retired, it may be made available again on a special sale day for a limited time. Many retired patterns are never offered again.  We change designs and patterns frequently, to limit the number of our patterns in circulation, thereby making them collectible and special. Two months is the average availability for designs before they are retired or sold out.

We offer luxury products on demand and can feature almost any design, even retired designs for an up front design fee of $50 applied toward your purchase.   Contact us with inquiries. 

We offer custom designs for an additional design fee. Contact us with inquiries.

Our most popular designs are created from original concert photographs - mostly of lightscapes, and light palettes, transformed into abstract and flattering patterns. Our patterns are intentionally placed to create optical illusions using lines and colors.


What’s performance wear?

Specialty stretch fine gauge knit fabric made from an ecopoly and spandex blend. Advances in yarn development improve the material’s drying time, cooling properties, heating properties and water repellency. The fabric smooths out over curves and hugs the body while wicking away moisture. It won’t lose shape and won’t fade. Many of our fabrics can be worn while swimming, are quick drying, and are black light reactive. Our customers say our leggings and bodycon products are silky smooth!

We offer many products in addition to clothing, but our performance wear is our best seller. Performance wear leggings, skirts, dresses, tanks, shorts, beanies, bags, totes, tank tops, skirts, robes and more. Our surface designer transforms digital images into patterns on products. The finished design is applied to a pattern, via a heat transfer process to synthetic materials that are best suited for a high heat, solvent free, printing process. Not every material is suited for sublimation printing.

We use several manufacturers, based in North America, to sublimation print patterns, hand cut, hand sew, inspect, package and ship your product. 

If you don't see a product in a style you want (for instance, a dress with pockets), it's because we have not found something that meets our standards. We have sourced our products for maximum quality and fastest production time. Looking for a product?  Contact us and we will see if we can find an ethical source!

Ask about discounted bulk ordering for boutiques and brick and mortar stores.

What should I know about all-over printing?

All-over printing or sublimation is a process in which the design is printed on paper with dye ink and then transferred directly onto fabric with heat.

  • Sublimated products are pre-made, and designs are transferred on a ready-made product. Sublimated products, can show white streaks and creasing near stitching. Beach towels, blankets, socks, some T shirts, are examples of sublimated products. These products are printed on demand to satisfy your order. 
  • Most of our apparel consists of cut & sew products. Our original designs are printed on fabric, which is cut and hand-sewn into the product ordered. Dresses, skirts, robes, leggings, tanks, swim suits are cut and sewn by hand, per order. These products won’t have white streaks.

Customer Service Hours:

Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5 pm.  

Calls, emails and orders received outside of these hours will be returned or processed during business hours.   

Founded July 2017.  

All patterns, designs and images are protected by Copyright. All rights reserved.